How to Cut a Bell Pepper

Awhile back, Kevin started watching Gordon Ramsey’s show “Kitchen Nightmares.” I think we watched about a full season of it in two days! Gordon Ramsey is an amazing chef, and Kevin learned how to “correctly” cut a bell pepper from him and taught me.

Normally, I would cut off the top bit and then cut out the seed core. This way cuts the bell pepper into semi-flat chunks (easier to chop up into little bits later), and eliminates the white inside bits.


First cut the stem off as much as possible and lay the pepper top down on a cutting board.


After laying it flat on its top, position your knife diagonally on the top bit to cut down the sides following the curve of the pepper.


Turn the bell pepper to cut all the way around the pepper trying to leave the white “stem” pieces. It should look something like the picture below. All of the pieces cut should be relatively flat and easier to chop into smaller pieces.