Easy Chicken Curry

This is a simple dish that Kevin has made for me countless times, and I have fallen in love with it. While curry is incredibly popular in Ireland and the UK, it’s not as easily found in the States. In about every shop in Ireland,  a person can find instant curry sauce, and it makes a simple yet delicious dinner.


When I went back to the States for Christmas and summer break, I really missed the curry, so I searched around to see if I could find the instant curry mix. I had to go to a more specialized store for it, but I found instant curry in a little box similar to what beef/chicken stock cubes come in. When I dissolved the cubes in hot water like the instructions said, the sauce ended up being a bit too runny and not thick enough. Therefore, I took some cornstarch dissolved in water and added it to the sauce to thicken it up. Of course if you’re in Ireland or the UK, you won’t have this problem since the curry is everywhere!

Anyways, there’s only 5 ingredients in this dish. There’s chicken, bell peppers, chillies, curry, and rice. Kevin always used a variety of colors of bell peppers which made the dish look gorgeous. I know that in the states the red bell peppers are a bit more expensive, so green works just as well (but if you can get your hands on some red then use them!).

The curry can be as spicy as you want. The spice level really depends on the type and amount of chili used. One time I bought these medium-sized red chilies at Tesco for curry, and one-to-two was so hot Kevin and I were coughing while cooking the dish! The other day I made this for my parents, and I only used half a jalapeño, which turned out to be incredibly mild. So the amount of spice is really up to you!

Recipe for 2 people (can easily be doubled-tripled for however many):

  • 2 chicken breasts cut into chunks
  • 3 bell peppers cut into slices (use assorted colors)
  • 3/4 red chili
  • 1 1/2 cups Basmati rice
  • instant curry (yellow)


Cut up the chicken and bell peppers into cubes and slice the chili pepper. Start by boiling the rice, and heat a large fry pan to about medium-high heat. Add a little dash of olive oil, then add the chicken. Cook until the chicken is almost cooked the entire way through, then add the bell peppers and chili. While those are cooking, start making the curry. Make sure to use a large saucepan for this as everything will be added to it. Follow the instructions on the instant curry package. Check on the chicken and bell peppers. The bell peppers are cooked when they look slightly translucent. When they are finished, add to the curry sauce and stir. When plating, put chicken curry over the rice.

There, that’s it! It only takes maybe 30-45 minutes to cook, and it’s delicious. There’s no onions, no tomatoes, and nothing sweet. The heat level can be altered making this dish great for any picky eater!