Summer Tip: Garlic


Currently I am home for summer break which means I’m not cooking for Kevin right now. I do though have a simple tip while I’m not adding recipes!

Many recipes call for onions; but Kevin hates onions with a passion, and I know there are people out there just like him. When cooking for him, I want to make the dish without the onions, but I still want it to taste just as good as the original and have great flavors. Therefore, when a recipe calls for onions (like if it wanted the onions fried to add flavor) I add some garlic instead. I don’t add too much where the dish suddenly becomes an over-the-top garlic dish, but just a little to add some extra flavor like a spice.

So there’s my tip: add a bit of garlic! This usually works for me, and there are no onions involved!


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